Browse and Search one of these William Bell or Ting-xing Ye books:

The Blue Helmet
Just Some Stuff I Wrote
Forbidden City

Throwaway Daughter
My Name Is Number Four

Here's how to access the book you want.

1. Go to the Random House Canada website.
2. Enter the author's name in the search window.
3. Click on the Browse & Search button above the book you want.
4. Click on the binocular icon in the Browse and Search window that opens on the right.
5. Enter the key word.

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How is this useful?

Let's say you're doing a project on Forbidden City. You want to find the place where Zhao Zi-yang is mentioned. Type "Zhao" (without the quotation marks) into the search window and press RETURN.
You can Search a novel using any word, phrase or proper name.