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Ting-xing Ye, author of the best-selling memoir, A Leaf in the Bitter Wind, was born in Shanghai, China, in 1952, the fourth of five children born to a factory owner and his wife. At sixteen she was “sent down” to a prison farm during the Cultural Revolution, spending six years there before being admitted to Beijing University. She took a degree in English Literature, then began a seven year career as English interpreter for the national government in Shanghai. Ye came to Canada in 1987. She has been a child-care worker, bank clerk, and secretary. She published her first picture book in 1998. She also writes Young Adult fiction and non-fiction.



A Leaf In The Bitter Wind, a memoir, 1997
Three Monks, No Water, illustrated by Harvey Chan, 1997
Weighing The Elephant, illustrated by Suzanne Langlois, 1998
Share The Sky, illustrated by Suzanne Langlois, 1999
White Lily, a chapter book, 2000
Throwaway Daughter, a Young Adult novel, 2003
My Name is Number Four, Young Adult non-fiction, 2007
Mountain Girl, River Girl, a Young Adult novel, 2008
The Chinese Thought of It, children's non-fiction, 2009
"Permission to Work", Young Adult non-fiction narrative, 2010.